Development of Human Resources

The Varqa Foundation will focus on the creation and application of strategies for the development of human resources. Enlightened, motivated, dedicated and well trained individuals are precisely the resources that are most needed by communities and institutions in their efforts to create a society which guarantees the well being of all its citizens.

The Varqa Foundation will utilize the resources it generates in efforts that will enhance the capacities of individuals and institutions having the knowledge and attitudes necessary for the continual advancement of society.

While restricting itself to actions which emphasize the development of human resources necessary for social progress, the Varqa Foundation will not limit its activities to a few specialized fields, but will consider projects which will address many aspects of life, society and culture. The belief is that the needs and aspirations of any group are interrelated and must therefore be addressed in an integral way.

The Varqa Foundation has profound faith in the nobility of the human being and the vastness of human potential. Programmes in which the Foundation is involved should not be limited to training skills or providing information but should nurture certain attitudes and capabilities. By attitudes is meant the underlying values and moral concerns that direct the manner and methods with which the individual responds to specific situations. Capabilities transcends skills. They include the mastery of principles and concepts that permit the creative application of talents for the enhancement of culture and society.

The individual is not an isolated element, but a part of society. His capabilities, attitudes, skills and knowledge must be acquired and formed in the context of his participation in the development of the social structures that contribute to the well being of all. This development of the individual is facilitated when the responsibilities of establishing goals, strategies and methods are shared with participating populations and their institutions. This emphasis on the sharing of responsibility implies that the Varqa Foundation can only determine the goals and methods of a project through a process of interaction with the people with which it co-operates. Projects will therefore be developed through a consultative procedure which involves a profound and continuous exchange of ideas and opinions. Frequently a project will take the form of assisting groups and institutions to develop, express and realise their own initiatives.

The implementation of a development project is an organic process which depends upon existing capabilities and talents; the process itself should be designed in such a way as to carry institutions and individuals to new levels of achievement.

In light of the foregoing the following criteria can be established for the identification and development of projects which may be consistent with the goals and aims of the Varqa Foundation. Such projects will be chosen according to the extent to which they:

• are in accord with the principles of the Baha'i Faith and with the unity of the human race as the principal requirement for the creation of a new world civilization

• spring from the aspirations of the participating populations and institutions

• consider the existing capacities of the participating populations and institutions, and assist them to increase their capabilities. Projects should be carried out in such a way that the principle of unity in diversity will be upheld and promoted.

• concentrate primarily on the liberation of human potential through educational processes

• seek greater degrees of self reliance and interdependency

• provide for the on-going exchange of ideas and opinions of all the participants

• consider not only the material aspects of life but also the social, cultural and spiritual components

• recognize the interrelation of socialstructures and the individual, and work simultaneously for the development of the individual and the improvement of the social environment

• seek to promote sustainability with the local community assuming as much responsibility for a project as possible

• are conducive to the best interests of society and contribute to the strengthening of unity and harmony

• promote cooperation and mutual assistance, and do not engender a competitive spirit.

• promote and demonstrate the equality of men and women

• honor environmental preservation and the best and wisest use of environmental resources

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